Welcome to the first blog post of Integrity Travel Planners, LLC! I’d like to take this opportunity to share with you my experiences aboard the Fathom Adonia in April of 2016. There are lots of pictures and I’ve done my best to describe the beauty of the ship.  It is extremely functional and easy to navigate!

In April of 2016 I had the pleasure of sailing on the Inaugural Voyage of Fathom Cruise Line’s Dominican Republic itinerary. The mission behind Fathom is to bring awareness to the importance of impact travel. This is a cruise like no other (and I’ve been on several).  We sailed from Miami, Florida to Amber Cove, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.  We stayed 2 1/2 days in the Dominican and then returned to Miami.  During our stay we had the opportunity to engage in Impact Travel and volunteer our time in community efforts.  Options ranged from laying concrete floors, reforestation, recycled paper, water filtration systems, teaching English and working in a women’s co-op chocolate factory.  Or relax and enjoy the beautiful land around you.  Amber Cove has a great pool area, zip line and shopping experiences for all guests to enjoy.  Check the future blog posts about my experiences on the island as well as the beauty the land holds.

The Fathom Adonia is a small class cruise liner that has guest capacity of approximately 710 guests and is dwarfed by the major cruise line ships. But her small, intimate size added to the appeal of this ship. She’s absolutely beautiful on the inside and is a very “British” ship. There is a library and conservatory, tea at 3:00 pm and upscale fixtures throughout the common areas. Lots of dark woods and colors in her interior. Our balcony room was bright and welcoming, albeit on the small side. There was plenty of storage and the bathroom was a nice size. On the balcony there were 2 chairs and small round table. I enjoyed several hours out there reading a book from the library and enjoying watching the ocean go by (one of my favorite past times).  Our cabin was on Deck B.


We've arrived! Fathoms Inaugural voyage to the Dominican Republic!
We’ve arrived! Fathoms Inaugural voyage to the Dominican Republic!


Our balcony stateroom with 2 twin beds.  Between the bed and the balcony is the vanity area and a small 2 person couch.  The tv is in the corner of the bookcase you can see in the picture.  TV service was good, albeit limited.  Internet on the ship was intermittent but fairly reliable in Port.


The balcony has 2 chairs and a small table, perfect for reading or just watching the ocean go by!


The bathroom had one sink and shelf space on the mirror and below the sink.


The shower had the detachable shower head and adjustable height bar on it.  It was plenty of room for one person to get ready in.  Two would have made it extremely tight.


The ship itself is beautiful and ornate.  Her hallways were bright and easy to navigate. The common areas were open and inviting and most of the woods were dark cherry wood.  The buffet area for breakfast and lunch was open with floor to ceiling windows on both sides and seating out back open to the ocean.  There were umbrellas on the tables to be opened when it was sunny.


2016-04-17-15-31-20  The green space on the top deck.  It was a perfect day to set sail!

2016-04-17-15-31-48The walking track around the pool deck.  I must not have taken a picture but if memory serves me right, the sign said 17 1/2 times around the track made a mile.  I think I’d have lost count after a few rounds!

2016-04-17-18-44-13 2016-04-17-18-44-27 2016-04-17-18-46-192016-04-19-08-58-18 2016-04-19-08-58-43

The Library was a great place to meet.  There were lots of books of all genres, board games and puzzles as well as a few computers for you to keep in touch with your family and friends back home.  The internet coordinator also had a desk in here.  She was also in charge of checking in and out the books.  However, many just came and got a book and brought it back whenever.  By mid-week the kids had found the games and you could find them with Uno or checkers on the pool deck enjoying the lazy sailing of the ship.  The ceiling was painted beautifully in the center of the Library next to the fireplace.

2016-04-18-10-43-44 2016-04-18-10-43-55

The main staircase on Deck 5

2016-04-19-07-53-43 2016-04-19-07-53-51

The pool area.  It was empty most of the first day but by Monday the kids were enjoying it.  Most of the adults enjoyed the hot tubs.  It was a joy to watch the kids from all over become fast friends on this cruise.  There’s no kids club, no arcade or teen hangout.  So this area was transformed by the kids into their zone.  It was so much fun to see them enjoying time away from a screen and electronics.

Even without all the bells and whistles the major ocean liners have today, she was a great ship to sail on.  I won’t hesitate to sail her again.   Her crew was friendly, helpful and truly a pleasure to be with.  You can tell they take pride in their ship and their jobs.  Would you like to join me next time?  Voluntourism is a great opportunity to meet new folks, engage in other cultures and teach your children about the importance of helping our fellow man.