River & Ocean Cruising

River Cruising

One of the newest trends in the last decade has been the rise in popularity of River Cruising.  Whether you want to travel Europe's Greatest Rivers, travel the exotic Asian rivers or paddle wheel down the Mississippi River, the adventure awaits.

Previously, River Cruising was seen as a trip for retirees and those fulfilling their bucket list, but today's river cruises are much more activity focused.  They are rising in popularity with middle-aged clients as well as millennials!

There are excursions for active walkers and gentle walkers, and the amenities included are high class.  Which countries would you like to river cruise in:  Europe, Asia, Africa or America?  Contact me and let's find the cruise line and itinerary that fit your dreams!

Ocean Cruising

Personally, this is my favorite way to travel!  You unpack once, travel to numerous destinations, enjoy the amenities on the ship, and explore new cultures.  There's just nothing better!

Ocean cruising has many different avenues; you can take a mega ship (one that can hold up to nearly 6,000 passengers) all the way down to an intimate ship of just around 100.  The options are endless.  There are cruise lines for the value cruiser and those with discerning tastes.  No matter where you fall in your expectations, there is an ocean cruise ready for you.  Ocean cruises are also a great value for your vacation.  Consider that your transportation, food, entertainment and onboard activities are generally included in your price.  There is very little you need to spend after paying the cruise fare.  Let's talk about how cruising can fit your travel needs!