How Travel Agents Get Paid

How are Travel Agents paid?

I currently get paid three ways:  

  • A small “Plan To Go Fee”
  • Commission from the supplier
  • Hearing my satisfied clients are referring me to their friends and families

I do charge a small fee to my clients because I create customized itineraries and thorough quotes so you have the information you need to make an informed decision.  I will include your airfare, resort information, cruise fare, transfers, tickets (theme park, train, exhibits, etc.), insurance, etc. in each quote as you have requested.  In addition, I may receive commission from the tour operators, cruise lines, resorts or other portions of your vacation package.  

What you may not know is that the commission is already built into the price you find online.  It is not increased when working with a travel agent.  While some agents may book you with a certain resort because of a free beach towel or extra agent incentive, I have the philosophy of booking you in the resort that best fits your needs.  If you aren’t satisfied with my services, it doesn’t matter how many free beach towels you have, you may not come back as a repeat client.  And I want to make your vacation planning seamless and easy and your vacation exactly what you dreamed it to be.  So while there may be a small fee, you get the benefits of my training, expertise, assistance while traveling, and timely and professional responses.

And the greatest compliment I can receive is for my current clients to refer me to their friends and family. That shows me they were truly appreciative of my time and service, and brings me great joy.

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